What’s in the bag? Some essentials for your emergency preparedness kit.

Halfway through 2020, it’s not exactly a stretch to assume we’re finally living in the Florida Man timeline. Things being as strange as they are, the idea of emergency preparedness has never been as pertinent. Think about it, the whole world is hitting the collective crapper– could you really afford to not take things seriously?

Probably not, and even at the worst of times, we’d all like to hang on to some form of human decency. Like, okay, you’re not exactly stepping into a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style wasteland just yet. But knowing which supplies to stock up on, and how much you actually need should help you get by while the state gets their act together.

We’re not going into full-on prepper stuff, so expect to add some fairly accessible things to your knapsack in the meantime. For most situations, you’re looking at a mix of tech, tools, toiletries, consumables, and protective wear. Don’t forget the actual bag too, while you’re at it! The best part of stocking up on the essentials is being able to scale your loadout depending on your specific needs, so a good inventory is worth investing in.

Just to be safe, you might want to stockpile a month or so’s worth of supplies for home use. If you plan on heading out, a larger bag for longer excursions would be a wise choice. A slightly smaller backpack might be a good idea for shorter trips too. You don’t exactly know if you’re able to get these supplies in the event of an emergency, so get them while you can.

Categories to remember


Electronic devices help us with things like communications, navigation, and generally staying informed in case regular connectivity is compromised. Some essential items include flashlights, battery banks, a battery or crank-powered radio, and other rechargeables. If you’re travelling with a partner, two-way radio might be helpful as well.


Sometimes, you’ll need to work on things in the field. Whether it’s cutting through branches and fabric, or lashing things together with rope, a decent everyday carry (EDC) kit should get you through most situations in a pinch. Consider at least one decent size camping knife, and some sort of multi-tool. Other nice additions would be carabiners, and a good length of paracord.


When times get tough, it’s important to know you can get clean when and where you need to. Stocking up on toilet paper might be a good idea, but if you ask us, you’re better off with a rechargeable, portable bidet. Less waste, and it’s way fresher down south. Soap, shampoo, mouth care, rubbing alcohol, bandages, and towels should be a good place to start.


While nowhere near as glamorous as nice tech, or strapping on some iron, your consumables could turn things around for you in a major way. Staying on top of your own nutrition could help keep you safe from disease, and other nasty things. Stocking up on MREs might be a good option, as well as camping and trail food, on top of vitamins and generic medicine.

Protective Wear

This should be fairly obvious given the current state of the world, but aside from n95 masks or actual respirators, you shouldn’t forget things like gloves, proper winter wear, all-weather boots, and a raincoat for when you need to go out during considerably colder months.

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