Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

Fill your Altoid tin with these tiny survival tools to stay prepared no matter how little space you have!

Follow this DIY for easy assembly of this compact kit full of small but mighty survival gear.

Use this list to get together the essentials for your tin.

From a list of phone numbers and a sentimental item to matches and safety pins, this DIY provides the ultimate list for an Altoid Tin Survival Kit.

Check the video at the bottom of this post for the models of all the items used in the kit and extra tip and tricks!


First, gather your items:

Here’s a packing list for your survival kit tin along with some tips for filling it up.


1. Will to Survive

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

Keep an image or token with you that will keep you going when things get rough. Cut your photo small enough to fit flat in the tin. A wallet size picture will work nicely for this!

2. Emergency Numbers

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

Glue a list of emergency numbers that you would need to have in a survival situation. A spreadsheet or simple handwritten list would work well for this. Cut the list small enough to fit inside of the lid, then glue or tape it in place.

3. Tweezers

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

A small pair of tweezers are a very useful tool to have in your kit. The kind pictured keeps themselves pinched closed while being stored, a handy, space-saving feature.

4. Change

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

A couple of quarters might come in handy. Tape them together to keep your kit organized.

5. Duct Tape

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

A little duct tape can go a long way in a survival situation. Wrap a foots’ worth around a piece of a credit card for easy storage.

6. Nail Clippers

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

This super slim pair fits perfectly in an Altoid tin survival kit.

7. Pen

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

This model is a telescopic, ultra compact pen. Small and very helpful to have around. A collapsable, high quality pen is a great addition to your kit.

8. Thumb Drive

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

Another compact tool, this USB thumb drive takes up very little space in your tin.

9. Lighter

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

This lighter may be tiny, but in an emergency it will definitely come in handy.

10. Whistle

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

This loud whistle isn’t something you want to blow unless necessary, but it could definitely get someone’s attention if needed.

11. Multi-tool

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

This kit features a scissor multi-tool, specifically chosen for an urban environment. Pick a multi-tool that works best for you. They come with all different types of tools, so the choice is yours!

12. Pills and Tools

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

Two tiny compartments full of pills and tools of your choosing. Whether, pain relievers, matches, Q-Tips, or safety pins, whatever little things you think you’d want with you, add them to these compartments.

13. First Aid

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

A bandaid or mini-first aid kit would be a great addition to your kit. Finding a type of bandage with ointment already on it would increase the benefits of it even more!

14. Cash

Altoids Tin Survival Kit DIY

Having a little bit of money on hand is definitely a great idea. Fold it small enough to fin flat in the bottom of the tin.



Putting your tin together is a little tricky. The best thing to do is start with the flat items in the bottom of the tin, then work on the arrangement of all the others on top. You might have to play with it for a bit, but with small enough components, it should all fit! Here’s a photo of the inside of the kit featured in this DIY:



Here’s another variation of the kit showing a more detailed assembly:



Watch the full video here:

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